The Pressure Box

Discover our brand new pressure boxes, for zero waste consumption!


The Benefits

  • Very easy to use, these boxes are 100% autonomous: no electrical connection is required so they never break down.
  • No Co2;
  • Maintenance : These boxes require minimal, quick and easy maintenance;
  • They are very affordable;
  • Self-installation : They are accessible to everyone, install quickly and easily.
  • Product flow as fast and efficient as pump dispensers (10 to 20 seconds/L, depending on product viscosity);
    • Advantage for your customer : Constant flow even at the end of the bag;
    • Benefit for you : no need to put weight on the bag to speed up the flow;
  • The bag is easily replaced in less than 30 seconds;
  • 100% hygienic: No handling of the product, no risk of cross contamination;
  • They fit easily into your shelves and are modular;
  • Anti-waste box with less than 1% product loss.
  • Eco-responsible: In addition to encouraging zero waste consumption, the construction and maintenance of these boxes requires 30 to 40 times less resources than a pump dispenser !

Recommended products: Cask 25 balsamic vinegars, infused balsamic vinegars, olive oils and infused oils.


Technical Information 

Weight: 3.9kg

Width: 7"3/4

Height: 16"

Depth: 13.5"


How does it work ?

  1. Order the number of boxes you need;
  2. Receive your order;
  3. Insert the products into each box by identifying them in accordance with the labels that will be provided to you;
  4. Install your new boxes on your shelves;
  5. Distribute the products to consumers!